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can drywall touch ductwork

Can Drywall Touch Ductwork?

Can Drywall Touch Ductwork? Yes, drywall can touch ductwork. In fact, it’s often recommended that they be in close proximity to help with insulation. How much clearance do you need for ductwork? Clearance for ductwork is typically 12 inches on either side of the duct, and 6 inches above the duct. Can heat ducts touch … Read more

is being an ironworker hard

Is Being An Ironworker Hard?

Is Being An Ironworker Hard? Ironworkers are responsible for installing and repairing the iron and steel beams that support buildings and bridges. While the job can be physically demanding, it can also be very rewarding. Ironworkers typically work long hours, but they can earn a good salary. Are iron workers hard? Ironworkers are typically physically … Read more