Can I Gate Check A Collapsible Wagon?

Yes, a collapsible wagon can be gate checked. When checking in with your airline, inform them that you will be gate checking your collapsible wagon and they will provide you with a tag to attach to the wagon. When you arrive at your gate, notify the gate agent and they will direct you to the designated location to leave your wagon.

Gating a checked bag on an airplane can be annoying. You will have to wait in a long line, deal with TSA agents who aren’t happy about seeing your bag again, and you’ll likely get charged an oversized baggage fee if it exceeds the standard check-baggage allowance.

However, gating a collapsible wagon is much easier than gating any other piece of luggage that you might have. Checked baggage isn’t just for old people or frequent fliers. Anyone can gate check a collapsible wagon at any point in their life. In fact, taking one on board an airplane as checked baggage is one of the best ways to gate check your collapsible wagon.

What is a Collapsible Wagon?

A collapsible wagon is a wheeled travel bag that can be folded into a small bag that can be easily tucked anywhere. Collapsible wagons come in a variety of sizes and styles, most of which have a very small foldable bag size, making them particularly well suited for gating as checked baggage.

Can I Gate Check A Collapsible Wagon?

Yes, almost any wheeled bag that can be fit into a bin measuring 22” x 18” x 8” can be gated checked. There are a few criteria that must be met, though. Firstly, your bag must weigh less than 50 pounds and must not exceed 62 inches when it’s fully expanded. Most collapsible wagons meet these requirements and can be easily gated checked.

Which Bags are Eligible for Gate Check?

Any wheeled bag can be gated checked as long as it meets the above two criteria. However, there are a few bags that are particularly well suited for gating as checked baggage.

How to Check a Collapsible Wagon as Baggage

If you’re at the airport, first locate the baggage drop-off area and wait in the oversized baggage line. Tell the agent that you want to gate check your bag. They’ll likely ask you to weigh your bag, so have a scale ready.

If you’re checking bags ahead of time, select the option to check one bag as “excess baggage,” and have the agent weigh your bag before proceeding with the normal check-in process.

Next, have a small trash bag and a pen ready. Open the bin, place the bag inside, and secure it by placing the trash bag on top. Make sure to have the name of your destination, flight number, and date written on the outside of the bin. And that’s it! Your collapsible wagon should arrive at the baggage claim area without any issues.

Is there an easier way to gate check a collapsible wagon?

Yes, there are a few tricks you can use to make gating a collapsible wagon as smooth sailing. If you have a bag that is particularly large, it will likely take up a lot of space in the bin. To maximize space in the bin, turn the bag inside out and remove any contents from the bag. Next, bend the bag so that it takes up less space. Lastly, put lighter weight bags on top of heavier bags. This will make it easier for the conveyor belt to push the heavier bags down to the ground.


If you travel with a collapsible wagon, you’ll probably have to gate check your bag at some point in your life. Gate checking a collapsible wagon is easier than gating any other piece of luggage, so don’t be afraid to do it when you need to.

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