Can You Use Swiffer Wetjet On Porcelain Tile?

Swiffer Wetjet is a popular brand of wet mop for cleaning floors. It can be used on tile, vinyl, and other hard floor surfaces. However, the nature of tiled surfaces poses an additional challenge when attempting to clean them with a Swiffer Wetjet. They’re porous and absorbent, which makes them particularly difficult to clean. If your tile has a high gloss finish, you should avoid using the Swiffer Wetjet. High gloss tile is usually only found in commercial settings where it’s going to be cleaned frequently by professionals. Do not use the Swiffer on these tiles because they can become permanently stained or damaged by the cleaning solution in the pad of your Swiffer Wetjet mop.

Can You Use Swiffer Wetjet on Porcelain Tile?

You can use a Swiffer Wetjet on porcelain tile, but only if it’s a ceramic tile with a non-glossy finish. You can tell by looking at the tile if it’s a high gloss tile that should be avoided when using a Swiffer Wetjet. These types of tiles are usually found in kitchens, where they’re frequently subjected to water and high temperatures. High gloss tiles also reflect light, which makes them appear shinier and more noticeable. Ceramic tiles that have a low sheen finish are best for Swiffer Wetjet use because they’re porous and absorbent. Avoid using Swiffer Wetjet on any tile floor with a high gloss finish. The cleaning solution in the pad can permanently stain the tile, and it can be difficult to remove the Swiffer solution from the tile.

What Type of Floor Is Porcelain Tile?

Porcelain tile is one of the hardest flooring materials. It’s often used in commercial settings because it can withstand heavy foot traffic without denting, cracking, or breaking. Porcelain tile is made from a strong, ceramic material. It’s usually covered in a glaze that gives it a glossy or semi-gloss finish, making it very easy to clean. Porcelain tile also has a high absorption rate, which means it can easily trap and hold dust and dirt. These properties make porcelain tile a good option for kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways, where it’s subject to frequent water contact. It’s not an ideal option for living rooms, where you want the floor to be fairly easy to clean.

How Can You Clean Porcelain Tile With A Swiffer?

First, use a Swiffer Wetjet mop without cleaning solution. This will act as a test to make sure the tile doesn’t permanently stain. If the tile is safe for cleaning with a Swiffer Wetjet, attach a cleaning pad to the mop head. If you’re cleaning a large area, you can use a Swiffer with a tank and reusable cleaning solution. Just pour it into the tank and then mop your tile with the Swiffer. When mopping your tile, use a sweeping motion to keep the cleaning pad from getting stuck on the tile’s grout. This will make it easier to clean the tile and prevent build-up in the grout.

Tips to Maintain Your Tiled Floors

– Clean your tile regularly – It’s best to clean your tile consistently so that dirt has limited time to build up. Use a Swiffer Wetjet two or three times a week to keep your tile looking clean and shining. – Sweep regularly – You can use a Swiffer Wetjet to clean your tile, but you should also sweep the area regularly to pick up dust and dirt before they can become trapped in your tile. – Seal your grout – Cleaning your tile won’t help if dirt and debris is getting trapped in your grout. Seal it with an epoxy grout sealer so it can’t absorb as much dirt. – Use a squeegee – If you have a tiled entryway, you can use a squeegee to clean it regularly. You can also use a Swiffer Wetjet mop with the cleaning solution in the tank to clean your entryway. – Be careful when mopping – Make sure to use enough water in your mop bucket so that it can lift the dirt and debris off your tile. Using too little water can cause your mop to get stuck and damage your tile.


You can use a Swiffer Wetjet to clean porcelain tile, but only if the tile has a non-glossy finish. Avoid using the Swiffer Wetjet on any tile with a high gloss finish because it can permanently stain the tile and make it difficult to remove the cleaning solution. Regularly clean your tile to make sure it stays clean and shiny. You can use a Swiffer Wetjet mop without cleaning solution to test your tile for staining risk, and you can use a Swiffer Wetjet with a cleaning solution to clean your tile regularly. In addition to mopping, you should also sweep your tile regularly, seal your grout, and use a squeegee on a tiled entryway to prevent dirt and debris from getting trapped in your tile and causing staining.

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