How To Cap Off Doorbell Wires?

how to cap off doorbell wires

Do you love the look of your home, but hate all those ugly doorbell wires? You’re not alone. Doorbells have come a long way from their 1960s big red horn appearance. Today, there are all sorts of sleek wireless and digital doorbells to choose from. But no matter which type of doorbell you get, there’s … Read more

Can You Paint Mdf With Emulsion?

can you paint mdf with emulsion

Does MDF have an annoying habit of soaking up paint like a sponge? Even after several coats and sanding in between, the wood still looks blotchy and patchy. Maybe you’ve even heard rumors that MDF can’t be painted with ordinary emulsion paint – which is why you don’t see it very often. Well, do not … Read more

Can You Bend Corrugated Metal Roofing?

can you bend corrugated metal roofing

If you’re looking to build a shed, barn or outdoor structure in your yard, you might be wondering what materials are the strongest and most durable. Metal is an excellent choice for any type of outdoor structure because it’s so durable. Whether you choose steel, aluminum or another metal option, metal is among the sturdiest … Read more

How To Run Two Houses Off One Well

how to run two houses off one well

If you’re lucky, you likely have both your primary residence and a place to call home when you want to get away—your cabin. Having two properties can be beneficial in many ways, but it also presents challenges with how you will operate them given the same water source. If you’re fortunate enough to have two … Read more

Can You Plaster Over Ceramic Tiles?

can you plaster over ceramic tiles

When redecorating, it’s important to think about the future as well as the present. Often, that means choosing home decor that’s easy to change in the future without a lot of fuss and expense. For example, by using materials like ceramic tiles instead of wallpaper or wood panelling. Tiles are cheap and cheerful, but what … Read more

Are Drywall Mud Fumes Toxic?

are drywall mud fumes toxic

Drywall mud is a mixture of water, plaster, and other additives. When it is mixed and applied, it releases a fine mist of particles that can be breathed in. These particles can cause irritation to the lungs and eyes, and may also be toxic. If you’ve ever worked as a drywall installer, you know that … Read more