Can You Eat Indigo Plant?

can you eat indigo plant

So you just heard about the new superfood, indigo plant. Sounds amazing and you are wondering if you can eat it and what does it taste like? Well, hold on as we get to all that in this article. The indigo plant is an amazing vegetable that has taken the world by storm with its … Read more

What Herbicide Kills Clover In Lawns?

what herbicide kills clover in lawns

What Herbicide Kills Clover In Lawns? There are a few herbicides that can kill clover in lawns. Some of these herbicides include 2,4-D, MCPP, and dicamba. What herbicide kills clover best? There is no one “best” herbicide for killing clover. However, many herbicides are effective at killing this weed, including glyphosate, 2,4-D, and dicamba. How … Read more

What Is The Most Expensive Tomato?

what is the most expensive tomato

What Is The Most Expensive Tomato? The most expensive tomato is the “Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine” variety, which retails for $5 per pound. Why are heirloom tomatoes so expensive? Heirloom tomatoes are expensive because they are a specialty item. They are not grown in large quantities, so the price is higher than regular tomatoes. … Read more

What Is Inside Of Pumpkin Called?

what is inside of pumpkin called

What Is Inside Of Pumpkin Called? The inside of a pumpkin is called the “pulp.” The pulp is a wet, spongy tissue that contains the seeds of the pumpkin. What are the strands of a pumpkin? The strands of a pumpkin are the thin, tough fibers that run the length of the fruit. These strands … Read more

Do Cedar Trees Attract Ticks?

do cedar trees attract ticks

Do Cedar Trees Attract Ticks? There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a variety of factors, such as the climate and geography of an area. However, some people believe that cedar trees do attract ticks, as the scent of the tree is thought to be similar to that of deer, … Read more

Is Rose A Biblical Name?

is rose a biblical name

Is Rose A Biblical Name? Yes, Rose is a biblical name. It appears in the Bible as the name of several characters, including a woman who was healed by Jesus. What nationality is the name Rose? There are many Roses in the world, and their nationalities vary. What does the name rose mean spiritually? The … Read more