Is Kik Suspension Permanent?

Is Kik Suspension Permanent

There are so many limitations when it comes to social media. With every network, it’s difficult to find out what the restrictions are and how you can breach them. Without social media being monitored at all times, users would be able to get away with so much more. That’s why sites like Instagram, Twitter, and … Read more

How To Uninstall Fusion 360?

how to uninstall fusion 360

Did you know that you can easily uninstall Fusion 360? It’s a bit counterintuitive because software companies usually don’t want their customers to stop using their programs. Nevertheless, if you choose to stop using Fusion 360 or if it has become useless for you, uninstalling it will keep your computer safe. In this post, we … Read more

How To Create A Fillable Stamp In Adobe?

how to create a fillable stamp in adobe

Today’s digital world has made almost everything accessible online. One of the areas that has seen a lot of digital development is e-commerce. Stamping your personal touch on an online product helps give it that personal feel. This is why many businesses have started using fillable stamps to let their customers personalize their purchases. If … Read more

Does Canva Embed Font?

does canva embed font

Canva’s embed feature is great for keeping your designs simple and accessible. If you use the embed feature, you can share your Canva designs on blogs, websites or even other online collage tools. This blog post will show you how to use the embed feature in Canva to upload and link your own fonts so … Read more