How Do You Make Stone Stairs Less Slippery?

There are a few ways to make stone stairs less slippery. One is to use a textured paint or sealant that will help provide grip. Another is to place small strips of non-slip material, such as rubber or cork, on the steps. Finally, you can add a coat of wax to the stairs to help them repel water and reduce slipping.

You’re probably thinking, “Isn’t that a given? Isn’t it common knowledge that stone is slippery when wet?” Well, yes and no. There are plenty of homes with a stone walkway or steps, but not all of them have the unfortunate slippery-when-wet problem. Many stone outdoor settings are equipped with natural stone steps and walkways because they are durable and beautiful.

But unless you plan on never watering your plants or coming outside when it rains, you are going to need a few solutions for those slippery stones. Luckily, there are several easy ways to make sure your stone stairs don’t become a slip-and-fall hazard.

Stone Slip Protection Solutions

The first step to slippery stone prevention is finding the right solution for your specific outdoor setting. If you have just a few stones to seal, you may be able to seal them yourself. If you have hundreds of square feet of stones to seal, you’re better off hiring a professional. A few different options for making sure your stone walkway stays safe are listed below.

Reseal your stones: If you have an outdoor patio or a walkway made of mortar, it’s easy to reseal the surface and make it slip-resistant. You’ll need a wire brush to clean off any dirt that has accumulated on the stones, a bucket of water and a hose, a masonry sealer (make sure you get the kind that’s intended for outdoor use), a paintbrush, and a broom.

Buff the stones: If your walkway or patio is made of dry-stack or dry-fit stone, where the stones are stacked on one another, you may be able to remove any dirt or grime from the stones and make them safer to walk on.

Use dry stone dust: Dry stone dust is often used to make sure that stones stay in place in dry-stack walkways or patios. But this fine, silky powder can also be sprinkled on wet stones to keep them from becoming dangerously slippery.

Stone Coating Sealant

If your stones are already slippery, you can use a special sealant to coat the surface and make it less slippery. This works best on new stones, so if you’re worried about older stones becoming even more slippery as they age, you might want to try one of the other methods first. This is a quick, easy way to make your stones less slippery, but it’s not a permanent solution. If you have a high-traffic area where people are coming and going often, you’ll likely have to reapply the sealant every few months. But it’s an easy, DIY solution that doesn’t require a lot of work. You can purchase an epoxy or polysiloxane sealant that’s specifically designed for stone. To apply it, you’ll want to first make sure the stones are clean and dry. Then, use a paintbrush to apply the sealant to the stones, making sure to get into all of the crevices.

Dry Stone Dust

Dry stone dust is just what it sounds like — a fine, silky powder that you can sprinkle on wet stones to keep them from becoming dangerously slippery. It’s easy to find, affordable, and easy to apply. The only drawback to this solution is that you will need to reapply the dry stone dust every time it rains. But that’s a small price to pay for keeping your walkway and stairs safe from slip and fall accidents. This is a great option to try before you seal your stones to see if it will be enough to keep people from slipping. To apply the dust, you’ll want to start by cleaning the stones with a wet rag. Then, use a soft brush to sprinkle the dust on the stones. Make sure to brush the dust into all of the crevices so it will do its job when it rains.

Solid Stone Stairs With Grip Affordability

If you’re dealing with stone stairs, the solution is different. But it’s also easier. You can buy special stair traction pads that will provide traction and prevent your stairs from becoming a slip-and-fall hazard. These are easy to apply, and they come in a variety of colors to match the color of your stone. They’re also affordable, and you can find them for under $10 a pair. This is a great, affordable solution if you have stone stairs and are worried about keeping them safe and slip-free. While there are plenty of solutions to make sure your stone walkway and stairs don’t become slippery and dangerous, it’s important to remember that prevention is the best cure. Keeping your stone walkway clean and dry is the best way to keep it from becoming slippery in the first place.

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