How Long Do You Leave Muffins In The Pan After Baking?

If you love to bake, muffins are a great choice. These little cakes are versatile enough that they can be almost anything you want them to be. Maybe you like blueberry or chocolate chip muffins? Muffin tins and recipes are so easy to find, it’s practically a science. With just a few simple ingredients, you can make your own batch of homemade muffins in no time at all. These sweet treats are so popular, in fact, that some people even keep special “muffin” pans specifically for creating such loaves on an everyday basis. But as with many other baking projects, the question remains: How long do you leave your baked muffins in the pan after baking them?

How Long to Leave Muffins in the Pan After Baking

Every muffin recipe will have a different baking time. However, baking time isn’t the only thing that affects how long you wait to take your muffins out of the pan. – The size of your muffin pan – Normally, a standard muffin pan is around 12 muffin cups in one pan, but a jumbo muffin pan can have as many as 48 cups. Obviously, the bigger your muffin pans are, the longer it will take your muffins to cook through. – The thickness of your muffin batter – If you make your muffin batter too thick, it will take longer to bake through. If you make it too thin, it will bake quicker but may not have the right texture you’re looking for in a muffin. – The temperature of your oven – If your oven is cooler than the temperature you set it for, it will take longer for your muffins to bake through. If it’s hotter than you set it to, it will bake quicker but your muffins may come out burnt.

Why You Should Leave Your Muffins in the Pan

You may think that it’s a good idea to remove your muffins as soon as they’re done baking. After all, who wants soggy bottoms? Well, actually, it’s best to leave your muffins in the pan for a few minutes. – Allow for cooling – While your muffins are still hot, they’ll continue to bake from the residual heat in the pan. This will end up making your muffins taste a little burnt. – Let the muffin tops set – The tops of your muffins should be moist but not sticky. If you pull them out of the pan too soon, they won’t set properly. – Protect your muffin tops – If you take them out too early, your muffin tops will stick to the pan and tear. This can make it harder to take them out without accidentally ripping them or burning yourself.

When You Shouldn’t Leave Muffin Pans

If your muffins are still really, really moist, you may want to remove them a little earlier. While it’s not a good idea to leave them in the pan too long, it’s also not a good idea to take them out too soon. – When the tops of your muffins are still sticky – If your muffin tops are too moist and sticky, they haven’t set properly. This means they won’t be ready to come out of the pan. – If the bottoms are starting to get burnt – It’s not uncommon for the bottoms of your muffins to get slightly burnt. However, if the bottoms are burnt to a crisp, you’ll want to take them out of the pan.

Tips for Baking Muffins

– Use an oversized muffin pan – If you use a standard muffin pan, your muffins will be smaller than if you use a jumbo muffin pan. If you don’t want to make different batches of muffins in different pans, you’ll want to make sure you use the right size. – Use melted butter or oil – Your muffins will turn out much better if you use melted butter or oil. Using a cold fat like margarine or shortening will make your muffins taste a bit gross. – Make sure your pan is non-stick – If you use a regular muffin pan, you may have a hard time getting your muffins out without damaging them. Make sure your pan is non-stick so that you can easily lift your muffins out. – Make sure your oven isn’t too hot or too cold – If your muffins are taking too long to bake, check the temperature of your oven. If it’s too hot, your muffins will bake too quickly. If it’s too cold, your muffins will bake too slowly.


There are so many reasons to love muffins, and there are even more reasons to bake your own. While it might seem like a simple item, baking muffins isn’t as easy as it looks. Many people end up burning the outside of the muffins before the inside is cooked all the way through, or vice versa. That’s why it’s so important to know how long to leave your muffins in the pan after baking. Your muffins will come out just right, and you’ll have a yummy treat to enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea.

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