How Tall Is A Minion?

Minions are 1.5-meter tall, yellow creatures with experience as personal assistants, valets and owners of the most peculiar taste for clothing. Their designation as secondary characters in “Despicable Me” or supporting characters in “Minions” movie does nothing to diminish their popularity. They have become a worldwide phenomenon and a common sight for anyone who has kids or has friends with kids. Almost everyone knows how tall is a minion but how much do you know about them? To get you started, here are some facts on minions that will help you separate them from garden variety gnomes and other fairy helpers.

Where do Minions Come From?

Minions have actually been around for centuries. They have been popular fairy folk since at least the middle ages and probably before that too. They have been depicted in paintings and other mediums of art since then. The only thing that has changed is their status as a secondary character to a lead villain. Before they were an essential part of fairy culture. Now they have become assistants to Gru and his ilk. Back then they were small helpers who helped fairies with their work. They would help with the harvesting of plants, the rearing of livestock and even the baking of bread. They always worked hard, but their size made it difficult for them to accomplish anything. Their small stature made them easy targets for predators, and limited their options in life.

What do Minions Look Like?

Minions are small yellow creatures who have a disproportionately large head and a singular eye that is larger than the other. They have three holes on either side of their head where their ears should be, but no holes where their mouth should be. They don’t have fingers, just stubs where their hands should be. Their feet are also stubby and don’t have toes either. The only clothing that minions ever wear are goggles and gloves. This is because they don’t have ears or normal hands that would let them put on and wear different clothing. They don’t wear shoes because they don’t have the ability to wear them. The length of a minion is 1.5 meters. The width is different, with their heads being the widest part of their bodies followed by their hands and feet.

Why are Minions So Important to Gru?

Gru was once a member of a secret organization that sought to steal and exploit the world’s greatest treasures. However, he was caught and jailed. He was able to break out of jail, but, in the process, he fell off a cliff. He survived, but his memory was damaged. His personality and identity were distorted by the fall. All he knew was that he loved impressing people, and he had a desire to steal. He adopted the two girls he was meant to kidnap and raised them as his own. He also adopted two gnomes that he had been working with. Gru’s personality was re-shaped and formed into a villain obsessed with world domination. The gnomes became his sidekicks and also adopted an interest in stealing. They were given the names of Squeeze, Thim and Fung. The three adopted siblings and two adopted gnomes became Gru’s family and his only friends. The two gnomes became his assistants, but they were not the great workers that Gru had hoped they would be. They were clumsy, inept and unhelpful. They were not able to do anything correctly, and they caused as much damage as they saved. They were fired and replaced with the two girls. The girls proved to be much more capable assistants. The two gnomes were not useless though. They were still helpful in their own way. They just couldn’t do anything that required a lot of skill or dexterity. They were the perfect workers for the job of being minions.

How Tall is a Minion?

Minions are 1.5 meters tall. That makes them about 4 feet and 9 inches tall. This is only an approximation though, as minions do not have any standardized height compared to different races. In terms of weight, minions vary between 35 and 40 pounds. This makes them roughly as tall as a three-year-old child. Minions are relatively short compared to humans, but they are still taller than the majority of other humanoid races. They are roughly as tall as dwarves and halflings. They are slightly taller than gnomes and goblins. Minions are much taller than kobolds and they are the tallest race next to ogres.

Minions’ Incredible Skills

Minions are not just short and yellow. They also have various skills that make them great assistants to villains. Their most important skill is their ability to speak all languages, including sign language. This gives them a great ability to communicate with the rest of the world. Their second most important skill is their ability to double up their limbs and stretch themselves to outrageous proportions. This makes them great climbers and allows them to accomplish tasks that normal humans and other humanoid creatures would find difficult. Finally, minions have a unique skill that they don’t always use. They can hypnotize people into becoming what are known as minion-ettes. These are people who are completely under the control of the minion. They can be brought out of the trance at any time by the minion, but the trance is normally very strong and hard to break free of.

The Bottom Line

Minions are short, yellow creatures who have fallen under the control of Gru and have become assistants to him. They have many skills and are incredibly helpful to their master. They are not very smart, but they are great at climbing and stretching their limbs. They also can hypnotize people and control them like puppets. They are very loyal to Gru and will do whatever he asks them to do. Minions can be a welcome addition to any household, but it is important to note that they require a lot of attention and care. Anyone who wants to keep a minion as a pet needs to understand that they need attention, love, and care. They also need to be fed special food, like bananas. They may be the perfect pet for someone, but they are not for everyone.

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