How To Book Ola Share Cabs

Ola Share is a carpooling service by Ola that lets you share your ride with other Ola users going in the same direction. You can book an Ola Share cab by selecting the ‘Share’ option on the Ola app. Once you enter your pick-up and drop-off location, you will be matched with other riders going in the same direction. You can then select your preferred rider and confirm your ride.

5 Steps to Book Ola Share Cabs

Discussion on ‘how to book ola share cabs’ in 150 words in one paragraphs. Ola Share is a ride-sharing service that allows you to share your ride with other Ola users and pay a reduced fare, while the rest is covered by Ola. Here’s how you can book an Ola Share cab: 1. Download the Ola App and sign up/log in to your account 2. Choose the Ola Share option in the App 3. Enter your pick-up and drop location 4. The App will show you a list of available cabs and the estimated fare 5. Choose the cab you want to ride in 6. Once you confirm the ride, you will see the details of the other passengers who will

Ola share cabs are a great way to get around without having to worry about the cost of a taxi. They are also a great way to learn about the city you are visiting. By learning how to book ola share cabs, you can save money and time, and get to your destination safely.

Step 1: The User Can Enter The Pickup And Drop Location

In order to book an Ola share cab, the user will need to first enter their pickup and drop off locations. After doing so, they will then be able to see the estimated price of their ride and choose whether or not to proceed with booking the cab.

Step 2: The User Can See The Fare Estimation

After the user inputs their pickup and drop off location, Ola Share displays an estimated fare for the ride. The fare estimate is based on the current traffic conditions and the distance between the pickup and drop off locations.

Step 3: The User Can Book The Cab

The user can book the cab by choosing the ‘Share’ option on the Ola app and entering the pickup and drop location. The user can also choose to share the ride with friends or family.

Step 4: The User Can Track The Cab

Assuming you would like a step-by-step on how to book an Ola share cab: 1. Open the Ola app on your phone 2. Enter your destination in the “Where to?” bar 3. Select the “Share” option below the “Ride Now” button 4. Choose how many seats you would like to book 5. Click “Ride Now” 6. Your share cab will arrive shortly!

Step 5: The User Can Pay For The Ride

To pay for the ride, the user can link their Ola account with a preferred payment method- either through their Ola Money balance, or with a credit/debit card. After the ride is complete, the user will receive a fare summary and can choose to pay either through the Ola app or by cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Ola Share Option In Ola App?

The Ola share option is located in the Ola app under the “Menu” tab.

Can We Book Ola For Two Way?

Yes, you can book Ola for two way.

To Review

Ola Share is a great way to save money on your cab rides. All you need to do is book a ride and select the share option. You will then be matched with another rider who is going in the same direction.

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