How To Cancel Amazon Flex Block

There may be a time when you need to cancel an Amazon Flex block. Perhaps you no longer have the time to complete the block or something has come up that requires your attention. Thankfully, cancelling a block is easy to do. Simply go to the ‘My Blocks’ tab on the Amazon Flex app and select the block you would like to cancel. From there, tap on the ‘Cancel Selected Block’ button and confirm your cancellation. That’s it! Your block will

How To Cancel Amazon Flex Block

Cancelling an Amazon Flex block is relatively easy. First, open the Amazon Flex app and go to the “Delivery Blocks” screen. Next, find the block you wish to cancel and swipe left on the block. A button labeled “Cancel” will appear. Tap “Cancel” and confirm that you wish to cancel the block. The block will be cancelled immediately and you will receive a notification confirming the cancellation.

-Internet access -An Amazon Flex account

  • Click on the confirm button to cancel the block
  • Log in to your amazon flex account and click on the blocks tab
  • Find the block you want to cancel and click on the trash can icon

-You can cancel an Amazon Flex block by going to your “My Blocks” page and selecting the block you want to cancel. -Click the “Cancel Block” button, and then confirm your cancellation. -Your block will be cancelled immediately, and you will not be charged for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens When You Forfeit On Amazon Flex?

There is no set answer as to what happens when you forfeit on Amazon Flex, as it depends on the specific situation. However, in general, forfeiting may result in lost earnings and/or other penalties.

What Is Forfeit This Time Amazon Flex?

In Amazon Flex, a driver can forfeit an assignment for various reasons. Reasons for forfeiture may include, but are not limited to: being unable to find the address, arriving too late, or not having the necessary supplies.

How Do You Forfeit A Block?

In order to forfeit a block, you must first be the owner of the block. Once you are the owner, you need to navigate to the “Forfeit Block” page and fill out the form.

Taking Everything Into Account

To cancel an Amazon Flex block, open the app and go to your Blocks page. Tap on the block you’d like to cancel and then tap “Cancel this Block.”

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