How To Change Language On Naver

Naver is a South Korean search engine. It has a web portal, which offers news, weather, sports, and other services in addition to its search capabilities. Naver offers a multilingual interface for its international users.

How To Change Language On Naver

There are a few ways to change the language on Naver. The first way is to click on the globe icon at the top of the page. This will take you to a list of all of the languages that Naver is available in. You can then select your desired language. The second way is to go to Settings and select Language from the menu. Then, select your desired language from the list. The third way is to use the

-Computer -Internet connection -Naver account

  • Select “settings.” scroll down and select “language.” select your desired language
  • Open the naver app
  • Touch the three lines in the top left corner of the screen

-To change the language on Naver, select the language you want to use from the drop-down list in the upper-right corner of the home page. -If your desired language is not listed, Naver may not support it. In that case, please try a different search engine. -Naver offers several languages, including Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese. -To change your language setting on Naver: 1. Select the language you

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Naver Only In Korean?

Naver is available in both Korean and English.

Can Naver Be Used Outside Korea?

Yes, Naver can be used outside Korea. However, there may be some features that are not available in other countries.

How Do I Change The Language In Now Naver?

The language in Naver can be changed in the settings menu.

To Summarize

There are a few ways to change the language on Naver. One way is to go to the “Settings” page and change the language under the “General” tab. Another way is to select a different language under the “Languages” section on the Naver home page.

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