How To Check Rating Given By Ride Taker In Quickride

In Quickride, users can check the rating given by ride takers by going to their profile and selecting the “Ratings” tab. Here, ride takers can see an overview of all the ratings they’ve given and received, as well as the average rating they’ve been given by others.

4 Steps to Check Rating Given By Ride Taker In Quickride

The rating system in QuickRide works in a very simple and straightforward manner. The riders can rate their experience with the service on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest rating. The average rating of all the riders is then used to generate a QuickRide Score, which is used to indicate the quality of the service.

In today’s world, it is important to know how to check the rating given by ride takers in Quickride. With the rise of the sharing economy, more and more people are using apps like Quickride to get around. While this is a great way to save money and get where you need to go, it is important to be aware of the rating system that ride takers use. This rating system can impact your ability to get rides in the future, so it is important to know how to check it.

Step 1: The Ride Taker Can View The Rating Given By The Previous Ride Taker

In order to check the rating given by the previous ride taker, the ride taker can simply view the rating in the app. The rating is displayed on a five star scale, with one star being the lowest rating and five stars being the highest. If the ride taker is unhappy with the rating they have been given, they can contact customer support to have the rating removed.

Step 2: The Ride Taker Can Give Their Own Rating For The Current Ride

The ride taker can give their own rating for the current ride’s step of how to check rating given by ride taker in quickride. This is helpful so that the driver knows how their performance was and if they need to improve for future rides.

Step 3: The Rating Is Made Up Of A Star System With 1 Being The Lowest And 5 Being The Highest

In Quickride, the rating is made up of a star system with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. To check the rating given by a ride taker, simply go to their profile and look for the “Rating” section.

Step 4: The Rating Is Displayed On The Quickride Screen

After a ride is complete, the rating is displayed on the quickride screen. The ride taker can rate the driver on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest rating.

To Summarize

Ride takers grade their quickride experiences on a scale of one to five, with one being poor and five being excellent. This feedback is visible to all other users of the app, and can be used to make informed choices about which rides to take.

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