How To Cheers In Japanese

In Japan, people traditionally use a word or phrase to toast when they drink together. There are many different words and phrases used for toasting, but “kampai” is the most common.

How To Cheers In Japanese

There are a few different ways to say “cheers” in Japanese. The most common way is simply “kanpai!” which is translated to “bottoms up!” Another way to say cheers is “kampai!” which is also translated to “bottoms up!” but has a more formal feel to it. Additionally, there is the phrase “o-kanpai” which is used to toast someone specifically. It translates to “to your health!”

-A computer or phone with internet access -A Japanese keyboard (can be found online) -A Japanese dictionary

  • Say “kanpai!”
  • Clap twice
  • Bow

1. How to say cheers in Japanese 2. The different ways to say cheers in Japanese 3. When to use each type of cheers 4. Examples of cheers in Japanese

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Japanese Say Before Drinking Sake?

干杯 (kanpai) means “cheers” in Japanese and is said before drinking sake.

What Does Kumpi Mean In Japanese?

It is difficult to translate the word “kumpi” exactly because it is a colloquial word used in the Kansai region of Japan. Roughly translated, it means “Which one?” or “What do you mean?”

What Do The Japanese Say As A Drinking Toast?

In Japan, there are many different drinking toasts that can be said. Some popular ones include “kampai” (which means “cheers”), “kanpai” (same as “kampai”), and “ogi o suru” (which means “to your health”).

Taking Everything Into Account

In Japan, people generally say “kanpai” when they want to cheers. This word is a shortened form of the phrase “kampai,” which means “to drink.”

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