How To Clean Burnt Milk Off Stove?

If you are a person who loves milk or if your kids drink milk on a daily basis, then you probably use your stove to heat up the milk before drinking, right? But, what if the milk spills on the stove and gets burnt? Yeah, handling milk could be a total mess sometimes.

So, now the question is, how to clean burnt milk off stove? Well, the solution can be done in many ways. For your convenience, we have provided a full and in-depth guide on the process of cleaning the burnt milk off the stove.

All you have to do is just to go through this guide till the very end. Without further ado, let’s get straight into the business!

How To Clean Burnt Milk Off Stove

How To Clean Burnt Milk Off Stove?

The cleaning process may vary depending on the material the stove is made with. But, no matter whichever material your stove is made of, you can follow the below insights to clean up your stove. Here we go,,,

Items You’ll Need For The Whole Process

  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Big bowl
  • Extra fabric piece
  • Detergent
  • Dishwasher gel

If Your Stove Is Made Of Glass And Ceramic

Burned milk on a glass or ceramic surface can cause severe damage to your stove. This is why I recommend that you curb the problem as soon as possible. Just follow the steps below to clean the burnt milk off your glass and ceramic stove.

1. Create The Cleaning Solution

In this first step, you’ll create a cleaning solution by mixing baking soda with warm water. As we all know, baking soda is a hazardous chemical. So, it’s got some cleaning properties to it. 

To create the cleaning solution, take an ample amount of baking soda in a bowl and then slowly mix drops of warm water in the baking soda. As a result, you’ll get a cleaning solution paste. Now, store the paste in an airtight container. We’ll be using this cleaning paste in the coming steps.

2. Cleaning The Stove

In this step, make a few grams of detergent in water and make a detergent solution. Now, take a piece of fabric and use the detergent solution to complete a general cleanup of the stove. 

You’ll be using the fabric to clean up your stove’s surface. To complete this step quickly, dip the cleaning cloth in the detergent solution and rinse the whole surface of the stove.

Now, it’s time to clean off the burnt milk from the surface of the stove. To do that, take the paste you created earlier and apply it to the spot where burnt milk is accumulated. 

Then, let the paste sit on that spot for 2 hours. After that, you should see that the paste has solidified on the burnt milk layer. 

Now, you’ll be using a razor to peel off the layer of the solid baking soda paste from the stove surface. Along with the paste, you’ll also see that the burnt milk has come off too.

3. Polishing And Giving A Finishing Touch

Now that the burnt milk has gone off, you can polish the stove and make it gloss like new. To do that, add vinegar with warm water to make a cleaning solution. 

Then, dip a piece of fabric in the solution and rinse off the surface of the stove. And finally, you got your stove surface rid of excess burnt milk.

If Your Stove Is Made Of Metal Or Plastic

If your stove is made of metal or plastic, then you are lucky. Usually, burnt milk is easier to clean off from metal surfaces. To proceed in the cleaning steps, follow the below sequences:

1. Cleaning The Burner

If the burner or riser of your stove has been tainted with burnt milk, this instruction will be very helpful to you. For cleaning up your burner, take a large water bowl and mix an ample amount of baking soda in the water. As a result, you should get a dilute baking soda solution. 

Now, take the riser of your stove and dip it into the baking soda solution. After your burners have been completely soaked with baking soda solution, take them out of the liquid and let them air dry for 2 hours. 

After 2 hours, you’ll notice that a solid layer of baking soda solution has built up on the burner. Now, take warm water by your hand and pour it on the burner. As a result, the burnt milk remains will come off with the water. 

2. Cleaning The Stove Body

To clean up the surface of the stove, you need to make a dishwasher solution by mixing water with dishwasher gel. The ratio of water to dishwasher will be 2:1. 

Now, after the solution is fully prepared, use a spray bottle to spray some dishwasher solution on the surface of the stove. And, let the solution sit on the stove surface for half an hour. 

Then, use a damp fabric to rinse off the surface of the stove. As a result, you’ll see that your stove is fully cleaned off of any burnt milk remains.

And, just like that, you fully cleaned your stove from excess burnt milk or food particles. Congrats!


What will happen if I let the burnt milk accumulate?

If the burnt milk has been accumulating on your burner, your burner perforations will get jammed by the remains of the burnt milk pretty soon. This is why it is recommended to clean up the burner as soon as it accumulates burnt milk or other food particles. 

If the food particles or burnt milk have fully jammed the perforations of the burner, the pathway of the gas will be disrupted. As a result, you will not have an even flame or flame temperature.

In order to have an even flow of flame, clean up the burner of your stove and make sure that all food particles have been gotten rid of. I can bet, you’ll be amazed to see how a cleanup can enhance the performance of a stove.

How do I avoid milk spills on the stove?

The key to not having food spills on your stove is to cook carefully. Also, you have to make sure that no kids are coming near the stove or using it. Kids can sometimes be clumsy and accidentally spill some milk on the burner. To avoid this phenomenon, it’s better to not let the kids in on the stoves.

Also, when heating your milk, make sure that you don’t use excessive heat. Most of the time, the milk will overflow because of excessive heat and end up getting evaporated by the hot burner. Therefore, burnt milk remains will build up on the stove.

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Final Words

In short, the best way to remove burnt milk remains is to use baking soda on the stove. As baking soda has some cleaning properties, it can easily help us get rid of burnt milk remains. 

But, the safest way to go is to use the stove properly and patiently so no such event occurs to create burn milk wastes.

However, I hope you found this instruction post on “how to clean burnt milk off stove” very useful. Our target was to help you find the quickest solution to your problem. And, we believe we have been successful in doing so. So, we bid you farewell and best of luck in your journey.

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