How To Clean Particle Board Furniture?

Particle board is a type of inexpensive and readily available furniture material. It’s affordable and easy to work with, which makes it a great option for DIY projects that require a lot of furniture making. Particle board is also known as chipboard, micro-wood, waferboard or fibra. Depending on the brand and country, it might be referred to by another name. Particle board is made from compacted wood fibers that are pressed together as thin sheets (about 3/16” thick). It usually has two surfaces: one side with an unfinished surface and other side with a smooth finish (some manufacturers offer particle board in single surface only). This article looks at how to clean particle board furniture while maintaining its longevity.

What is Particle Board?

Particle board is a type of manufactured wood product that is composed of wood chips, sawdust, shavings and other wood materials (e.g., plywood, oriented strand board, fibreboard, wood chips, wood dust, wood pulp, wood flour, wood pellets, wood rosin, wood chips, wood shaving, wood scrap, wood chips, wood shavings, wood flour, wood dust, wood rosin, wood flakes, wood pellets). It is made by pressing the wood fibres together to form a sheet, and it is used in construction and furniture making. Particle boards are used to make cabinets, shelving, flooring, wall panelling, and wood-like tiles.

How to recognize particle board furniture

Particle board furniture is made of thin sheets of wood particles glued together. While it is a strong and affordable furniture material, it is also more prone to scratches and stains. If you are noticing that your furniture has marks on it or that it looks worn out, it might be particle board. Here are some ways you can tell:

Look for grains: Good quality furniture usually has grains, while particle board doesn’t.

It has a glossy surface: When you run your hands across the surface of particle board, it feels smooth, almost glossy.

It has a cruddy smell: You can smell the difference between good quality wood and particle board.

It sounds hollow when you knock on it: A loud hollow sound means the furniture is made of particle board.

How to clean particle board furniture?

Particle board furniture requires more care and cleaning than wooden furniture. Here are some tips to keep your furniture looking good:

  • Avoid stains: Be careful not to leave stains on your furniture as it will be harder to get them out of particle board than wooden furniture.
  • Use coasters: Be careful not to leave stains on your furniture. Wooden furniture is better to use than tablecloths.
  • Don’t place hot items directly on your furniture: Such as cups and plates.
  • Protect your furniture when moving it: Such as with a moving blanket or moving sheets.
  • Clean your furniture regularly: With a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush.
  • Don’t use too much water when cleaning: You don’t want to rot the wood fibres.
  • Don’t scratch or scrub the furniture: You can damage the surface and particles.

Tips to extend the life of your furniture

Here are some tips to keep your furniture in good shape: – Avoid placing heavy or tall items on tops: Such as bookshelves, speakers, etc.

  • Avoid placing sofas too close to walls: It can damage the fibres and the wall from any moisture.
  • Keep your furniture clean and dry: Such as with a soft brush or vacuum with a brush attachment.
  • Avoid placing too many items on your furniture: This can damage and bend the fibres.
  • Avoid placing heavy items close to the edge of surfaces: Such as a lamp, water bottles, etc.
  • Protect your furniture from sunlight: It can fade the finish and damage the fibres.

Avoid moving your furniture too often: You can damage the fibres and the finish.

Wrapping up

Particle board furniture is a popular choice for furniture makers as it’s cheap and easy to work with. While it is durable enough for normal use, it is prone to stains and scratches. To keep your furniture in good condition, you need to clean it regularly and protect it from damage. If you have a piece of particle board furniture, follow these tips to keep it looking good as new.

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