How To Conjugate Costar

The verb ‘costar’ is conjugated in the third person singular in the present tense, as follows: Costa, costa, costa

How To Conjugate Costar

To conjugate costar, you must first know its verb form. In the infinitive form, it is “costar”. The present tense conjugation is “costa”, the preterite is “costó”, and the future is “costará”.

-A dictionary -A word processor or pen and paper

  • For example: “yo costo” becomes “yo costa”
  • A” to the root word
  • To conjugate “costar” in present tense, you add “
  • To conjugate “costar

on Spanish 1. In Spanish, the verb “costar” is conjugated in the third person singular tense, as follows: 2. “Costar” can be translated as “to cost” in English, and it is used to indicate how much something costs. For example, if you want to say “It costs 10 euros,” you would say “Eso cuesta 10 euros.” 3. There are a few different ways to use “costar” in Spanish

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Conjugation For Costar?

The conjugation for costar is “costará”.

What Is The Ellos Form Of Costar?

The ellos form of costar is “cuesta.”

What Are The Forms Of Costar?

The forms of Costar can be classified into two categories: internal and external. Internal forms of Costar include the use of financial statements, management reports, and performance measurements to assess and improve organizational performance. External forms of Costar include market research, surveys, focus groups, and interviews to assess customer needs and preferences.


A quick summary of how to conjugate costar would be as follows: To form the present tense, simply add -a to the stem. For the future, add -é. And for the past, add -í.

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