How To Connect Carpool Karaoke To Phone

Since its launch in 2017, Carpool Karaoke: The Series has been one of the most popular shows on Apple Music. The show features celebrities singing along to their favorite songs while being driven around by host James Corden. To connect Carpool Karaoke: The Series to your phone, open the Apple Music app and tap the “For You” tab. Scroll down to the “Carpool Karaoke” section and tap “Subscribe.” Once you’re subscribed, new episodes will appear in the “My Music” tab. Tap an episode to start streaming.

5 Steps to Connect Carpool Karaoke To Phone

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In order to connect carpool karaoke to your phone, it is important to learn how to do so. This skill can come in handy in many situations, such as when you are carpooling with friends or family members. Additionally, being able to connect carpool karaoke to your phone can also be a great way to entertain yourself and others while on long car rides.

Step 1: The App Is Available To Download For Free On The App Store And Google Play

The app is available to download for free on the app store and google play. Once you have downloaded the app, open it and sign in with your email address and password. Then, click on the “carpool karaoke” icon and select the “connect carpool karaoke to phone” option.

Step 2: You Do Not Need To Sign Up Or Create An Account To Use The App

If you want to use Carpool Karaoke without signing up for an account, you can do so by downloading the app and using the “guest” feature. This will allow you to use the app without creating an account or providing any personal information.

Step 3: To Use The App, First Open It And Then Press The “Start A New Karaoke Session” Button

To get started with Carpool Karaoke, first open the app and then press the “start a new karaoke session” button. From there, follow the prompts to connect your phone to the Carpool Karaoke device. Once your phone is connected, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of karaoke tracks to sing along to.

Step 4: The App Will Then Ask You To Choose A Song. You Can Either Search For A Song By Name Or Choose One Of The Featured Songs

After downloading the Carpool Karaoke app, you will be prompted to choose a song. You can either search for a song by name or choose one of the featured songs. Once you have chosen a song, the app will connect to your phone and begin playing the song.

Step 5: Once You Have

If you want to connect your carpool karaoke to your phone, you will need to first make sure that your phone is compatible with the carpool karaoke. Once you have confirmed that, you will need to download the carpool karaoke app onto your phone. After the app is downloaded, open it up and follow the instructions on how to connect it to your carpool karaoke.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone Work?

A Bluetooth karaoke microphone is a microphone that connects wirelessly to a speaker or other audio device via Bluetooth. This allows users to sing or speak into the microphone without being tethered to the speaker.

How Does Carpool Karaoke Mic Work With Bluetooth?

Carpool karaoke is a feature that allows users to connect their phones to a speaker or car stereo system via Bluetooth and play music from their phones through the speaker. This feature allows users to control the music playback from their phones, as well as allows for hands-free operation of the phone while driving.

How Do You Connect Your Phone To A Karaoke?

To connect your phone to a karaoke machine, you will need to use an aux cable.


To connect Carpool Karaoke to your phone, open the app and make sure that you are logged in with the same account that you used to sign up for Carpool Karaoke on the web. Once you are logged in, you will be able to see a list of all of your available karaoke sessions. To join a session, click on the green “Join” button and you will be prompted to choose a car. Once you have joined a session, the app will automatically start singing along to the song.

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