How To Do The Dame Tu Cosita

The dame tu cosita challenge is a dance craze that started in 2018. The dance is simple – you just copy the moves of the person in the video.

How To Do The Dame Tu Cosita

First, make sure you are familiar with the song “Dame Tu Cosita” by El Chombo. Then, follow these simple steps to dance the Dame Tu Cosita: 1. Start by standing in an upright position with your feet hip-width apart. 2. Next, squat down and lean to your right while keeping your hips facing forward. 3. Hold this position for a few seconds before returning to the starting position. 4. Now

-To do the Dame Tu Cosita dance, you will need: -a YouTube video of the song to follow along with -a computer or mobile device to watch the video -enough space to dance

  • Hold your partner’s hand with your left hand and place your right hand on their waist
  • Bounce up and down slightly to the beat of the song
  • Start by standing in the center of the dance floor with your partner

-Before attempting the dance, make sure you are familiar with the steps. -Get a friend to help you practice the dance moves. -Make sure you have enough space to move around in. -Start slowly and build up speed as you get more comfortable with the dance. -Be sure to have fun and enjoy yourself while dancing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Double Double Seater Mean?

Double double seater is a term used to describe a two-seater airplane.

When Was Dame Tu Cosita A Meme?

‘Dame Tu Cosita’ was a meme from 2018. It is a song by El Chombo featuring Cutty Ranks, and it was popularized by the ‘Dame Tu Cosita Challenge’.

What Is The Thing In Dame Tu Cosita?

The thing in Dame Tu Cosita is the green alien puppet that appears in the music video.


challenge There is no one definitive way to do the Dame Tu Cosita challenge. Some people choose to do a dance routine, while others simply mimic the movements of the green alien in the song’s music video. No matter how you choose to do it, be sure to have fun and show your friends and family your best rendition of the Dame Tu Cosita challenge!

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