How To End Trip On Zipcar

To end your trip with Zipcar, park your car in its home location and use your Zipcard to lock the car. Then, go to the Trip Details page on the Zipcar website or app, and select “End trip.” You’ll enter your Zipcard number and the car’s odometer reading. Once you confirm, your trip will end and your charges will be processed.

3 Steps to End Trip On Zipcar

To end a trip on Zipcar, simply park the car in its reserved spot and use the Zipcar app to tap “End Trip.” This will automatically end the trip and charge your credit card for the appropriate amount of time. If you need to extend your trip, you can do so by tapping “Extend Trip” in the app.

It is important to learn how to end a trip on Zipcar because it is a car sharing service that allows users to reserve and use vehicles on an hourly or daily basis. If a user does not properly end their trip, they may be charged an additional fee. Learning how to end a trip on Zipcar can help users avoid these additional fees.

Step 1: Get In Touch With Zipcar Representative To End The Trip

In order to end a trip with Zipcar, customers must contact a representative in order to end the trip and have the charges removed. This can be done by phone or online. Once the representative has ended the trip, the customer will no longer be able to use the car.

Step 2: End Trip In The App

After you have parked your Zipcar in its reserved space, end your trip in the app. You will see the “End Trip” button on the main screen. Once you press it, you will be asked to confirm that you have indeed parked in the reserved space and ended your trip.

Step 3: Return The Car To The Original Location

When you’re ready to end your trip, return the car to its original location. Make sure to park in the same space you found it in and put the key back in the lockbox. Then, go to the app and tap “End Trip.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Leave Zipcar Anywhere?

Yes, you can leave a Zipcar anywhere in their designated home parking area.

Can You End A Trip Early On Zipcar?

Yes, you can end a trip early on Zipcar.

How Do I End My Zipcar Trip?

To end your Zipcar trip, you must park the car in its designated parking spot and lock the car using the Zipcard. Once the car is locked, your reservation will automatically end and you will be charged for the time you had the car.

Can I Cancel Zipcar At Any Time?

You can cancel Zipcar at any time by contacting customer service.


Zipcar is a convenient and affordable way to end a trip. The company offers a variety of vehicles for rental, and members can reserve a car online or through the Zipcar app.

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