How To Get Angi To Stop Calling

If you want to get Angi to stop calling, the best thing to do is to tell her directly. Let her know that you appreciate her calls, but that you don’t have time for them right now. She’ll probably be understanding, and if she’s not, you can always block her number.

3 Steps to Get Angi To Stop Calling

The best way to get Angi to stop calling is to have a conversation with her about why it is that you do not want to speak with her. It is possible that she is unaware that she is causing you discomfort and would be willing to stop if she knew. If she is not willing to stop, then you may need to consider changing your phone number or blocking her calls.

Learning how to get angi to stop calling is important because angi is a very persistent person and will not stop calling you until she gets what she wants. This can be very annoying and bothersome, especially if you are trying to get work done or concentrate on something else. If you know how to get her to stop calling, it will save you a lot of time and frustration.

Step 1: To Get Angi To Stop Calling, You Need To Change Your Phone Number And Block Her From Your Contacts

If you want to get Angi to stop calling, you will need to change your phone number and block her from your contacts. This way, she will not be able to reach you and you can go about your life without her harassment.

Step 2: You Can Also Try Telling Her Directly That You Don’T Want To Talk To Her And Ask Her To Respect Your Wishes

You can try telling Angi directly that you don’t want to talk to her and ask her to respect your wishes. This may work if she is receptive to your request. If she is not receptive, you may need to take additional measures such as changing your phone number or blocking her number.

Step 3: If She Continues To Call, You May Need To Get A Restraining Order

If the person you are dating is continuing to call you after you have asked them to stop, you may need to get a restraining order. This step usually involves going to your local courthouse and filling out the necessary paperwork. The court will then review your case and decide whether or not to grant a restraining order. If granted, the restraining order will require the person to stay a certain distance away from you and may also forbid them from contacting you in any way.

In Closing

There is no clear answer to how to get angi to stop calling, but some possible solutions include ignoring her calls, or contacting her and asking her to stop. If angi continues to call after these measures have been taken, it may be necessary to block her number.

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