How To Get Ola Share Pass

If you are looking to get an Ola Share Pass, there are a few things that you will need to do. First, you will need to create an account with Ola. Once you have done this, you will then need to select the pass that you would like to purchase. Once you have selected the pass, you will then need to enter your payment information. Once you have done this, you will then be able to use your pass to hail a ride with Ola.

4 Steps to Get Ola Share Pass

There are a few simple steps to get an Ola Share Pass. Firstly, open the Ola app and go to the ‘Pass’ tab. Secondly, select the ‘Share Pass’ option. Thirdly, enter the promo code ‘SHAREPASS’ and click on the ‘Apply’ button. Fourthly, select the pass that you want to purchase and click on the ‘Buy Now’ button. Finally, enter your payment details and click on the ‘Pay Now’ button.

There are many reasons why it is important to learn how to get an Ola share pass. For one, it can save you a lot of money. With an Ola share pass, you can get discounts on your rides, which can add up to a significant amount of money over time. In addition, an Ola share pass can make it easier to get around in a city like Mumbai, where traffic can be a bit chaotic. With an Ola share pass, you can book a ride in advance and be assured that you will get a comfortable, safe ride.

Step 1: The User Can Share The Ola Share Pass With Other People

The user can share the ola share pass with other people by sharing the passcode with them. The passcode can be shared through various means such as WhatsApp, email, etc.

Step 2: The User Can Get A Discount Of Up To 50% On The Fare

If you’re looking to save on your next Ola ride, be sure to check out the Share Pass. With this pass, you can get a discount of up to 50% on your fare. To get started, simply open the Ola app and tap on the “Share Pass” option. Then, enter the code that you received from a friend or family member. Once you’ve entered the code, you’ll be able to see the discount applied to your fare.

Step 3: The User Can Book A Cab From Anywhere

To book a cab from anywhere, the user needs to open the app and tap on the ‘Book a Cab’ button. On the next screen, the user needs to enter their pickup location and destination. After that, the user needs to choose the Ola Share pass option.

Step 4: The User Can Avail The Service Of The Cab At Any Time

The user can avail the service of the cab at any time by following the below steps: The user has to open the Ola application and has to click on the ‘Share Pass’ icon on the top right corner of the homescreen. Then, the user has to select the pass they want to avail and has to confirm the location. After that, the user has to choose the vehicle type they want and has to confirm the ride. Finally,

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Ola Pass And How It Works?

Ola pass is a subscription service offered by the Ola cabs. It allows users to avail of discounts and benefits on their rides. The subscription can be bought on a monthly or yearly basis, and it offers users free rides, discounts, and cashback.

How Can I Add Droppoint In Ola?

To add a Droppoint in Ola, open the app and go to the ‘Addresses’ section. Tap on the ‘+’ icon and select ‘Droppoint’. Enter the Droppoint name and address, then tap ‘ADD’.

Can We Add Two Stops In Ola?

No, we cannot add two stops in Ola.

How Can I Buy Ola Shares?

Ola, a ride-hailing app, is not a publicly traded company, so it is not possible to buy Ola shares.

In The End

There is no one definitive way to get an Ola Share Pass. Some people have reported success by requesting one from their local Ola office, while others have had luck with social media or customer support. No matter how you go about it, be persistent and polite in your requests.

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