How To Hang Driftwood On Wall?

Hanging driftwood on the wall is a great way to bring natural beauty indoors, especially if you live in an urban area where it can be difficult to find nature. Driftwood has so many different uses, and it’s perfect for bringing the feeling of the outdoors into your home. The primary challenge when hanging driftwood on the wall is making sure it has a solid foundation and won’t fall. You don’t want to risk damaging your walls or have pieces falling down because they aren’t anchored properly. The bolts or hooks need to be anchored directly into the framing of your wall so they won’t give way under the weight of the branches or logs. That being said, once you know how to hang driftwood on wall, it isn’t nearly as complicated as it may initially seem. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about installing driftwood without damaging your property.

What You’ll Need

In order to hang driftwood on your wall, there are a few things you’ll need beforehand. First, you’ll need the brackets or hooks you’ll use to actually hang the pieces of driftwood. Next, you’ll need nails if you’re going to use nails to anchor the brackets or hooks. You’ll also need a hammer if you’re going to use nails. If you’re hanging the driftwood on a brick wall, you’ll need bricks to anchor the items to. You’ll also need a pencil, a measuring tape, and an area to work where you have room to spread out the driftwood. If you’re working with smaller pieces of driftwood, you may also need a modelling tool to make the pieces fit together the way you want them to.

Hanging Driftwood On Wall

Once you’ve picked out the driftwood you’d like to use, the next step is to figure out where you’ll be hanging it. You should measure the length of the wall you’ll be hanging the driftwood on so you know how much you’ll need. It’s a good idea to mark the wall with a pencil where you’ll be hanging the brackets or hooks. Hang the brackets or hooks on the wall and make sure everything is level. You don’t want the driftwood to lean or be crooked when you hang it. Once you’re certain everything is level, you can position the hooks or brackets where you’ll be hanging the driftwood. You can use small pieces of wood or modelling clay to make sure the hooks or brackets are the correct distance from the wall.

Installing Driftwood On Wall With Hooks

To install driftwood on wall with hooks, you’ll need to anchor the hooks directly into the framing of the wall. A great way to do this is to use a hammer and nails. Place the driftwood against the wall where you’ll be hanging it, and mark it where the hooks should go. Nail the hooks into the framing where you marked.

Installing Driftwood On Wall With Nails

To install driftwood on wall with nails, you’ll need to use a stud finder to locate the studs behind the wall where you’ll be hanging the driftwood. Once you’ve located the studs, place the brackets or hooks onto the wall, and mark where you’ll be driving the nails. If the nails don’t go directly into a stud, they’ll just fall out over time, and you’ll risk damaging your wall. Be sure to hammer the nails directly into the studs in order to create a solid foundation for the brackets or hooks.

Installing Driftwood On Wall With Bricks

If you’re planning to hang driftwood on a wall made of bricks, you’ll need to place a mounting plate between the brackets and the wall. You can use either a mounting plate made specifically for bricks or another mounting plate and some modelling clay. Make sure the mounting plate is level, and then place the bricks on top of the mounting plate, making sure they’re level as well. Place the driftwood against the bricks, and mark with a pencil where the brackets will go. Place the brackets against the bricks and mark where they should be attached to the mounting plate.


The great thing about hanging driftwood on the wall is that it can be done with various different techniques. You can use nails, hooks, or even bricks to create a beautiful display. Driftwood is perfect for bringing the outdoors indoors, and it’s a great way to add some rustic charm to your home decor. When hanging driftwood, keep in mind that it’s best to use small pieces. Large branches or logs are too heavy to be hung from hooks or nails, and they may damage your wall if you try to use them. It’s better to use smaller pieces of driftwood that are lighter and easier to manage. Once you know how to hang driftwood, you can incorporate it into a variety of different wall displays. You can use it as a standalone piece or use it to create a collage with other pieces of driftwood.

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