How To Invite Friends In Drivezy App

Drivezy is a self-drive car rental platform where users can book cars by the hour, day or week. To invite friends in Drivezy app, go to the ‘Referral’ section in the menu and share your referral code via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or email. When your friend signs up on Drivezy using your referral code and books a car, you will get discount coupons that can be used on your next booking.

3 Steps to Invite Friends In Drivezy App

The best way to invite friends in Drivezy app is to share your referral code with them. Once they sign up using your referral code, they will automatically be added to your friend’s list. You can also invite friends by sending them a link to the app.

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Step 1: The User Can See All Their Friends Who Are Using Drivezy

The user can see all their friends who are using drivezy’s app by going to the “Invite Friends” tab and selecting the “Contacts” option. There, they will be able to see all of their contacts who are also using drivezy’s app.

Step 2: The User Can Invite Any Of Their Friends By Simply Clicking On The Invite Button Next To Their Friend’S Name

The user can invite any of their friends by simply clicking on the invite button next to their friend’s name while viewing the friends list. A pop-up message will appear, allowing the user to type a personal message to their friend before sending the invitation.

Step 3: After The User Has Invited Their Friend, They Will Get A Message Confirming That The Invitation Has Been Sent

After the user has invited their friend, they will get a message confirming that the invitation has been sent. The message will include a link to the friend’s profile page on Drivezy.

In Summary

Drivezy is a car rental company which offers its services through its mobile app. The app allows users to book a car for a short or long-term rental. The app is easy to use and allows users to search for a car rental based on their location and needs.

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