How To Know If Tomatoes Are Bad

Tomatoes can spoil quickly if they are not stored properly. The best way to store tomatoes is to keep them at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Tomatoes will start to spoil if they are stored in the fridge, and they will rot if they are stored in the freezer.

How To Know If Tomatoes Are Bad

There are a few key ways to tell if tomatoes are bad. If they have black spots or green patches on the skin, they are likely rotten. If the tomato is soft, has wrinkled skin, or feels wet, it is also likely spoiled. Finally, if the tomato smells sour or acidic, it is not safe to eat. In general, it is best to avoid eating any tomatoes that exhibit any of these signs of spoilage.

-A tomato -A knife -A cutting board -A bowl -A lemon

  • Check for soft spots. if the tomato has any soft spots, it is bad and should not be eaten
  • Check for mold. if there is any visible mold on the tomato, it is bad and should not be eaten

-Check the color of the tomato. Bad tomatoes will be mushy and have a brown, black, or greenish hue. -Check the texture of the tomato. Bad tomatoes will be mushy. -Check for mold on the tomato.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Tomatoes Last In The Fridge?

Tomatoes will last about two weeks in the fridge.

How Do I Know If My Tomato Is Good?

Tomatoes are generally considered ripe and ready to eat when they have a uniform red color and are slightly soft to the touch.

Can Tomatoes Last A Month In The Fridge?

Yes, tomatoes can last a month in the fridge. They will not be as fresh as if they were stored at room temperature, but they will still be edible.


Tomatoes can be bad for you if they are spoiled. To tell if a tomato is bad, look for wrinkles, mold, or soft spots. If the tomato has any of these, it is most likely spoiled and should not be eaten.

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