How To Make Tanjore Painting

Tanjore paintings are named after the town of Tanjore in Tamil Nadu, where they were first made. They are a form of painting that uses very thin layers of gold and gemstones to create a brilliant finish.

How To Make Tanjore Painting

Tanjore paintings are a centuries-old form of art from the Thanjavur region of Tamil Nadu, India. They are typically made on a wooden board, with very fine gold or silver leaf and intricate designs. The most distinguishing feature of a Tanjore painting is the use of real temple glass to create brilliant colours and highlights. To make a Tanjore painting, you will need: – A wooden board – Gold or silver leaf – Temper

A few things are needed in order to make a Tanjore painting. Firstly, you will need paint and a brush. You can either use acrylic or oil-based paints. The paints will need to be mixed with a binder, such as egg whites, glue or milk. Secondly, you will need a substrate to paint on. This can be made out of wood, metal or cloth. The most common type of substrate used for Tanjore paintings is plywood. Lastly,

  • choose the image you want to paint 2. trace the image onto a canvas or board 3. paint the background with a light color 4. start painting the image with bright colors 5. use gold or silver

– The process of making a Tanjore painting is a long and laborious one. – It requires many different steps, and a lot of patience and skill. – The first step is to create the outline of the painting on a wooden board. – Next, the artist must create the gold foil border around the edge of the painting. – Then, they must paint the background in layers, using different colors and techniques. – Once the background is finished, they

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make Tanjore Paint For Beginners?

The ingredients for Tanjore paint are ground rice, chalk, and gum arabic. The rice is cooked and then ground with a mortar and pestle. The chalk and gum arabic are dissolved in water and then added to the rice. The mixture is then strained and poured into a mold to dry.

How Do You Identify A Tanjore Painting?

Tanjore paintings are usually brightly coloured and depict religious or mythological scenes. They often have a metallic gold border, and the figures in the painting are typically very finely detailed.

How Tanjore Painting Is Made?

Tanjore painting is a method of painting that uses gemstones and gold foils to create a colorful and intricate design. The painting is made on a wooden board, and the artist starts by sketching out the basic design. Next, they add in the colors and details, using different techniques to create highlights and shadows. Finally, they add the gold foils, which give the painting a shimmering effect.


Tanjore paintings are a traditional form of art from the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. They are made on a wooden board, with a gold or silver foil background and brightly coloured jewels and semiprecious stones. The paintings often depict religious scenes or deities.

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