How To Pronounce Ajo

Ajo is a town and municipality located in the province of Almería, southern Spain. It belongs to the autonomous community of Andalusia. The town is situated on the banks of the River Almanzora.

How To Pronounce Ajo

There is no definitive answer to this question as everyone may pronounce “ajo” differently. However, one possible pronunciation could be “ah-hoh”, with the emphasis on the “hoh”.

-Ajo is pronounced “ah-hoh.” -You will need a Spanish dictionary to look up the correct pronunciation.

  • start by saying “ah” like you would in “father” 2. next, add a “j” sound and say “o” like you would in “joe” 3. finally, put them both together and

-Ajo is typically pronounced as “ah-ho” -However, the Spanish pronunciation is “ah-hoe” -Either pronunciation is acceptable in English

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Pronounce Mojo?

Mojo is pronounced like “moho.”

How Do You Pronounce Al Mojo De Ajo?

The al mojo de ajo is a garlic sauce that is pronounced “al mah-hoh-dah-hoh.”

How Do You Pronounce Ajo Az?

Ajo, AZ is pronounced “eye-ho”.

In Summary

Ajo is pronounced like “ah-ho”.

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