How To Pronounce Apache

The Apache HTTP Server is a popular web server software released under the Apache License. The name “Apache” was originally chosen from the American Indian tribe, Apache, because the group’s header files were stored in an Apache file system.

How To Pronounce Apache

The word Apache is pronounced as A-P-A-CH-E.

To pronounce Apache, you will need to know how to say the letter “a” and the letter “p”. To say “a”, put your tongue in the middle of your mouth and say “ah”. To say “p”, put your lips together and say “puh”. Now, say “Apache” like this: ah-PAH-chee.

  • Next, say “pache” as in “patch”
  • Start with the vowel “a” as in “apple”
  • End with the letter “e” as in “exit”

There is no one definitive way to pronounce Apache, as the word is often pronounced differently depending on the region. However, some tips on how to say Apache include emphasizing the first syllable, sounding out the “a” as in “apple”, and avoiding a hard “ch” sound.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Pronounce Sioux Indian Tribe?

The Sioux Indian tribe is pronounced “Soo-wah”.

How Does Apache Pronounce?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different people may pronounce the name of the Apache web server software in different ways. However, the most common pronunciation is /ˈæpəkeɪ/ (like “Ape-a-kay”), though some people say /ˈæpətʃi/ (like “Ape-atch-ee”).

What Is A Correct Pronunciation?

A correct pronunciation is the pronunciation that is considered to be the most accurate and clear way to say a word or phrase.

To Summarize

The Apache web server software is very popular, due to its stability and performance. It is used by many large websites, including Google, Yahoo! and

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