How To Pronounce Cherche

In French, cherche is pronounced like “SHARE-shuh.”

How To Pronounce Cherche

Cherche is pronounced “share-shay.”

You will need a French dictionary, preferably an electronic one.

  • Say the letter “ch” as in “church”
  • Add an “e” at the end
  • Say “air” as in “hair”

There is no right or wrong way to pronounce cherche, as people will say it differently depending on their region. However, the most common way to say it is “shehr-shuh”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do People Call Laos Lao?

Laos is called Lao because it is the native name of the country.

How Do You Pronounce Laos In Chinese?

老挝(Laos)在中文是怎么发音的? The correct pronunciation for Laos in Chinese is “Laowo.”

Is It Pronounced Lao Or Laos?

The correct pronunciation for Laos is Lao.

In The End

In French, the word “cherche” is pronounced like “share-shuh”.

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