How To Pronounce Chien In French

The French word for “dog” is “chien”. Chien is pronounced “shee-en”.

How To Pronounce Chien In French

Chien is pronounced “shyen” in French.

In order to pronounce “chien” in French, you will need a French dictionary and some knowledge of French pronunciation. To begin, find the word “chien” in your dictionary and note the IPA symbol for the pronunciation. Next, say the letter “h” as in “hat” followed by the IPA symbol for “ee-en”. Finally, say the letter “n” as in “net”.

  • En”
  • Put them both together and say “shee
  • Pronounce the “ien” as in “kite”
  • Say the letter “ch” as in “chop”

Some people may pronounce the word “chien” in French as “she-on”. Others may say “shyan” or “shin”. There is no one correct way to pronounce this word. It is important to be aware of the various ways to pronounce it, so that you can choose the pronunciation that is most appropriate for the context in which you are using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Pronounce Du Chien?

The correct pronunciation for du Chien is doo-shee-en.

How Do You Say Prairie Du Chien Wisconsin?

Prairie du Chien is pronounced “prair-ee doo she-on.”

What Is The Meaning Of Prairie Du Chien?

The meaning of Prairie du Chien is a city located in Wisconsin. It was named after the Potawatomi Native American village of the same name.

In The End

To pronounce chien in French, say “shee-ahn.”

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