How To Pronounce Congeniality

The word congeniality is pronounced as kuhn-juh-NEE-uh-lih-tee. It is derived from the Latin word congenialis, which means “of the same birth.” Congeniality refers to a disposition or quality of being pleasant and agreeable.

How To Pronounce Congeniality

The word “congeniality” is pronounced as kuhn-juh-NEE-uh-luh-tee. It is a noun that means a friendly, agreeable nature or disposition.

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  • pronounce the “g” in “congeniality” like the “g” in “get”. 2. pronounce the “i” in “congeniality” like the “i” in

-The word ‘congeniality’ is often mispronounced, with the emphasis placed on the second syllable instead of the first. To correctly say ‘congeniality’, say ‘kuhn-juh-NEE-uh-lee’ with the emphasis on the first syllable. This word describes someone who is pleasant and agreeable, so it’s important to get the pronunciation right!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Congeniality Mean?

Congeniality is the quality of being agreeable and pleasant in company.

How Do You Pronounce Mary Land?

There is no definitive answer to this question as there are various ways to pronounce Mary Land, depending on where in the United States you are from. Some people say Mah-ree, others say Mah-lee, and still others say Mah-ry.

How Do You Pronounce Marland?

The name Marland is pronounced as MAR-lund.

Taking Everything Into Account

Congeniality is a quality that is often found in friendly people. It is pronunciation is kuhn-juh-NEE-uh-lit-ee

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