How To Pronounce Didache

The Didache is a Christian text that dates back to the late first century AD. It is an instruction manual for new Christians, and it contains guidelines on how to live a good life, how to pray, and how to worship. The Didache is written in Greek, and its name is pronounced “DID-a-ka.”

How To Pronounce Didache

The didache is a first century religious text that is still debated on how it should be pronounced. There are two main pronunciations, dee-DAHK-ee or die-DAHK-ee.

-A dictionary

  • Pronounce the word didache as “did
  • Kuh” the “a” in didache is pronounced like the “a” in “father” the “ch” is pronounced like the “
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-The Didache is a Greek word that is pronounced “dee-dah-kay”. -It is a religious text that was written by Christian disciples in the first century. -The word “Didache” means “teaching”.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Pronounce Didache In English?

The word “didache” is pronounced “die-DAK-ee”.

What Does The Word Didache Mean?

The word didache means ‘teaching.’

How Do You Say The Word Kaddish?

The word kaddish is Hebrew and it means “holy.” The kaddish prayer is a Jewish prayer of mourning that is said for the dead.

In Closing

The Didache is a brief, early Christian text that provides instructions on how to pronounce the name of God and other important theological concepts.

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