How To Pronounce Grand Prix

Grand Prix is a term used in many languages to denote an award or honor. It is also the name of a motor race. In English, “grand prix” is pronounced with a long “a” sound, as in “gRAHnd pREE”.

How To Pronounce Grand Prix

Grand Prix is a term used in many languages, but the original meaning was the name of a prize awarded to the winner of a horse race. In modern French, it means “big prize.” In English, it is used as both a race and a term for an extremely important or prestigious event.

A grand prix (from French, meaning “big prize”) is a type of motor race. The most famous Grand Prix is the Formula One World Championship.

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  • Grand prix is typically pronounced with a hard “g” sound, like “grape.”
  • Say the word “grand” and then hold the “p” for as long as you can

When pronouncing “grand prix,” the “grand” is pronounced like “grand,” as in “large.” The “prix” is pronounced like “pree,” as in the price of something. Together, the word is pronounced “grand pree.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Grand Prix A French Word?

Grand Prix is a French word meaning “big prize.” It is used in English to refer to motorsports races.

How Do You Spell Prix?

The correct spelling is Prix.

How Is Grand Prix Pronounced?

Grand Prix is pronounced as ‘grahnd pree’.


There is no one definitive way to say “grand prix.” Some people say “grahn-pree,” others say “granh-pree,” and still others say “grahnd-pree.” The important thing is to be consistent within a given conversation.

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