How To Pronounce Kinara

The word “kinara” is of African origin and is pronounced as kih-nuh-rah. It is a Swahili word meaning “candle holder”. The kinara is a traditional African candleholder that is used to celebrate Kwanzaa.

How To Pronounce Kinara

Kinara is a name of Indian origin that is typically pronounced “keen-AHR-uh”. However, there are variations in the way this name can be pronounced, so it is best to ask the person how they would like it to be said. Some people may prefer to have their name pronounced “kuh-NAR-uh”, while others may prefer “keen-ARE-uh”. No matter how it is pronounced, the main emphasis should be on the first syll

-A kinara is a candle holder typically used in Kwanzaa celebrations. -It is made of a wooden frame with seven candles holder on it. -The candles are lit in specific order to represent different aspects of African heritage.

  • The last syllable is pronounced like ‘r
  • Add an ‘a’ sound like in ‘father’
  • Start with the k sound, which is like a hard ‘c’
  • Say the word ‘kinara’

on How to pronounce kinara There is no one right way to pronounce kinara. Depending on your region, you may say the word with a short or long “i” sound, or you may say it with a short or long “a” sound. You could also say it with a combination of the two sounds, like “kuh-nuh-ruh.” As with most words, the best way to learn how to pronounce kinara is to hear it spoken

Frequently Asked Questions

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Kinara is pronounced as kee-nuh-ruh. It is an African word which refers to a carved wooden frame decorated with beads and other ornaments, which is used to celebrate Kwanzaa.

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