How To Pronounce Metis

Metis is a term derived from the Greek word μέτις (métis), meaning “cleverness” or “skill”. It is often used to describe someone who is bilingual or multilingual, particularly in North America, where it is commonly pronounced as me-TEES. However, the traditional French pronunciation is mee-TEE, which reflects the word’s etymology from the Latin mētis.

How To Pronounce Metis

The word ‘Metis’ is of Greek origin and it is pronounced as mee-tees. The word is used to describe a person who has mixed ancestry, typically European and Native American.

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  • pronounce the “m” as in “mom”. 2. pronounce the “e” as in “met”. 3. pronounce the “i” as in “bit”. 4. p

1. How to pronounce “Metis” depends on where you are from. In Canada, it is pronounced “may-tiss”, while in the United States it is pronounced “muh-teece”. 2. The word “Metis” comes from the French word for “mixed”. It is used to describe people who are of mixed European and Aboriginal descent. 3. The Metis people have a unique culture and history that is worth learning about.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is Ojibwe Pronounced?

The Ojibwe language is pronounced with a long “O” sound, as in the word “boat”.

How Do You Pronounce Métis The Goddess?

Métis is a goddess and her name is pronounced meh-TEES.

Do You Pronounce The S In Métis?

No, the s in Métis is not pronounced.


Metis is pronounced as mee-teece.

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