How To Pronounce Mila

Mila is a name that is of Slavic origin and is typically pronounced as mee-lah. However, there are variations in the pronunciation of this name, so it is important to ask the parents how they would like their child’s name to be pronounced.

How To Pronounce Mila

Mila is a Slavic name and is pronounced MEEL-a.

-To pronounce “Mila” correctly, you will need a good ear and some practice. First, say “mee-lah.” Now say “my-luh.” Now put them together: “Mee-luh.”

  • Mila is pronounced like meela
  • The a is pronounced like the a in father
  • The i is pronounced like the ee in tree

-Mila is a Slavic name, and is pronounced “mee-lah”. -The name is derived from the word “mila”, which means “dear, beloved”. -Mila is a popular name in Russia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and other Slavic countries. -It is also becoming increasingly popular in the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Origin Of The Name Mila?

The name Mila is thought to originate from the Slavic word for “gracious” or “kind”.

What Is The Name Mila Short For?

Mila is a Slavic name meaning “gracious.”

How Do You Pronounce Mila In Australia?

Mila is pronounced as “mee-luh” in Australia.


Mila is a Slavic name that is pronounced “mee-lah.”

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