How To Pronounce Mischievous

Mischievous is an adjective meaning naughty or playful. It can be pronounced either with a long i, as in “mih-SCHEE-vuhs”, or with a short i, as in “MIS-chuh-vuhs”.

How To Pronounce Mischievous

Mischievous is pronounced as MIS-CHEE-VUS. It is derived from the word mischief, which means harm or evil.

There is no one definitive way to pronounce the word “mischievous.” However, the most common pronunciation is “mih-SHEE-vuhs.” To pronounce it this way, say “mih” as in “mine,” “SHEE” as in “sheep,” and “vuhs” as in “bus.”

  • Say the word “mischievous” out loud
  • Chee
  • Vuhs
  • Mischievous is pronounced as mis
  • Start with a clear “m” sound. think of the word “machine

1. When pronouncing “mischievous,” make sure to stress the first syllable, “mis-chiv-ous.” This will help you to properly emphasize the meaning of the word. 2. Remember that the “ch” is pronounced like a “k,” so make sure to put your tongue in the correct position when saying it. 3. Be careful not to pronounce the word “mischevious,” which has a very different meaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do People Pronounce Mischievous As Mischievious?

There are two pronunciations of this word, and the second pronunciation is the original one. The first pronunciation is /mɪˈʃi.vəs/, while the second is /mɪˈʃi.vjəs/. The -vous ending in the first pronunciation is pronounced like -fus, while the -ious ending in the second pronunciation is pronounced like -yaus.

How Do British Pronounce Mischievous?

British people have different ways of pronouncing mischievous. Some people might say “miss-chiv-us” while others might say “miss-chee-vee-us”.

Are There 2 Ways To Pronounce Mischievous?

There are 2 ways to pronounce the word ‘mischievous’: mis-CHEE-vuhs or mis-chih-VUS.

In Closing

Mischievous can be pronounced two ways, mis-CHEE-vee-us or mis-CHIV-us. The first way is more common in the United States and the second way is more common in the United Kingdom.

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