How To Pronounce Perrier

Perrier is a carbonated mineral water that is bottled in France. It is named for the Perier family, who first began producing the drink in the late 1800s.

How To Pronounce Perrier

There is no definitive answer to this question as everyone may pronounce the name of this beverage differently. However, the most common pronunciation is “per-ree-AY”.

– a perrier bottle – water – a glass – ice – lemon

  • Pronounce each letter of the word separately
  • Rrier say the word quickly, but not too quickly
  • Place the emphasis on the first letter, p
  • E

-Perrier is a brand of carbonated mineral water bottled in France. -The water is naturally sparkling and its carbonation comes from the limestone caves where it is bottled. -Perrier is pronounced like “pair-ray.”

Frequently Asked Questions

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How Do You Pronounce Croix In English?

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What Is Lacroix English?

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Perrier is a French mineral water that is pronounced with a hard “r” sound. The “e” at the end of the word is silent.

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