How To Pronounce Precipice

Precipice is a word that is typically pronounced with a long i, as in “prih-SIP-iss”. It refers to a very steep cliff or escarpment.

How To Pronounce Precipice

Precipice is a word typically used to describe a steep or overhanging cliff. It can also refer to a situation that is very dangerous or precarious. The word is pronounced as pre-SIP-iss.

Pronunciation: /ˈprɛsɪpɪs/ Precipice is pronounced like “pre-SIP-iss”. It has a long “e” sound and the “p” is silent.

  • Start with the word “pre” and say it like you would in “pretty.”
  • Then say “s
  • Pronounce the word “precipice” as if it rhymes with “vice.”

When pronouncing precipice, remember that it is an adjective describing something that is steep and dangerous. The word is often used to describe cliffs, which can be very dangerous if someone were to fall from them. To pronounce precipice correctly, make sure to emphasize the first syllable, PREP-i-sis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does On The Precipice Mean?

A precipice is a high and steep cliff, especially one that is a danger to people or animals.

How Do You Say This Word Precipice?

The word precipice is pronounced pree-SIP-iss.

How Do You Pronounce This Word Precipice?

The word precipice can be pronounced in two ways – ‘pre-si-piss’ or ‘pri-sep-tiss’.

To Summarize

There is no one definitive way to pronounce precipice. Some say “pri-SIP-iss,” others say “pri-SIP-iks.” As with most words, the best way to know how to pronounce it is to listen to how it is used in context.

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