How To Pronounce Tejas

The word “tejas” is pronounced “tee-HAHS”. Tejas is a southwestern state in the United States.

How To Pronounce Tejas

Tejas is a Sanskrit word that means “venerable.” The word is typically pronounced “tie-jus.”

There is no one definitive way to pronounce Tejas. Most Texans say “tay-has,” but some people in other parts of the state say “tuh-hah-shus.”

  • tejas is pronounced t
  • Eh
  • Hahs 2. the ‘a’ in tejas is pronounced like the ‘a’ in father 3. the ‘j’ is pronounced like the ‘j’ in jam

There are a few ways to pronounce tejas. The most common is “tay-hahs,” but it can also be pronounced “tuh-hahz” or “tuh-has.” Whichever pronunciation you choose, make sure to stress the first syllable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tejas An Indian Name?

Yes, Tejas is an Indian name.

How Common Is Tejas Name?

The name Tejas is not particularly common in the United States. It ranks at #2,811 in popularity for baby boys born in the US in 2016.

How Do You Pronounce Tejha?

The correct pronunciation of Tejha is “tay-juh”.

To Summarize

There is no one definitive way to pronounce tejas. Some say it like “tay-has,” others say it like “tee-has,” and still others say it somewhere in between. Ultimately, the pronunciation doesn’t matter; what’s important is that you know what tejas means and how to use it correctly.

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