How To Pronounce Xie Xie In English

Xie xie is a mandarin word that means “thank you” in english. The word is usually written as Xie xie and pronounced as shee-eh shee-eh.

How To Pronounce Xie Xie In English

In English, xie xie is typically pronounced “shee shee”.

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Depending on the context, xie xie can be pronounced several different ways in English. Some common ways to say it are “thank you,” “thank you very much,” and “you’re welcome.”

  • Xie xie is pronounced ‘sheh
  • Shuh’
  • The first letter, ‘x’, is pronounced like the ‘sh’ in ‘ship’. the second letter, ‘i’, is pronounced like the ‘ee

1. Xie xie is pronounced “shee shee” in English. 2. This phrase is used to say “thank you” in Chinese. 3. When pronouncing this phrase in English, make sure to emphasize the first “x” sound and then drop the “e” at the end. 4. This phrase is a polite way to show gratitude in Chinese culture. 5. You can use this phrase to thank someone for their help

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Reply After Xie Xie?

Thank you for your compliment!

How Do U Pronounce Xie Xie?

In Standard Mandarin, the pronunciation of “xie xie” is [ɕi̯e ɕi̯e].

How Do You Pronounce The Last Name Xie In Chinese?

The last name Xie is pronounced “Shee-eh” in Chinese.

In Closing

The pronunciation of “xie xie” in English is “sheh sheh.”

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