How To Pronounce Year

In English, the year is pronounced as “y-e-a-r”, with a short “y” sound and a long “a” sound. The letter “r” is pronounced at the end of the word.

How To Pronounce Year

There is no one definitive way to pronounce the year. Some people say “year” with a long “e” sound, while others say it more like “yir”. It all depends on personal preference and regional dialect.

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  • Say “year” as you normally would
  • Pause briefly before saying the next word say “
  • Pronounce the “r” sound in “year” by slightly rolling your tongue on the roof of your mouth

How to pronounce the year There is no one definitive way to pronounce the year. Some people say “yah” for the “y” in year, while others say “ee-ear”. It all depends on personal preference. As long as you are consistent in how you pronounce the year, it won’t matter how anyone else pronounces it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Say 2021 Year In English?

“21” is pronounced “twenty-one.” The year 2021 would be pronounced “two thousand and twenty-one.”

How Do You Say 2022 Year?

2022 is pronounced “twenty-two”

How Do You Tell The Year In English?

You can tell the year in English by saying the numbers out loud. For instance, “one thousand nine hundred seventy-six” is how you would say “1976” in English.


There is no one right way to pronounce year. Some people say “y-ear,” others say “y-er,” and still others say “yee-ar.” The best way to find the pronunciation that works for you is to experiment with different ways of saying it until you find one that feels comfortable and natural.

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