How To Protect Pex From Mice?

Mice are crafty creatures. When they find a tasty treat, they go above and beyond to make sure it won’t escape again. Mice will chew through pretty much anything to get back inside and finish off their tasty treat. That includes plastic water pipes from your home’s plumbing system. If you have PEX tubing in your home, you may be at risk for a mouse infestation because of how easy it is for the mice to chew through it. Thankfully, there are some simple steps you can take to prevent this from happening. Whether you just want to avoid having an infestation or want to make sure the problem never returns, these tips will help you understand how to protect PEX from mice so that your pipes are safe once again.

Find The Entry Point

The first thing you should do when you suspect you have a problem with mice is find the entry point. Make sure you check all of your pipes, including the pipes in your walls, and see if you can find where the mice are getting inside. Once you find the entry point, you can seal it off and keep the mice away from your PEX tubing. If you aren’t sure where to look, you can use a few different methods to find the entry point. You can look for chew marks on your pipes. If you find any, that’s where the mice have been getting inside. You can also use a special UV light to find the urine mark the mice leave behind. This will show you which parts of your piping system they have been using to get inside.


If you find that the mice have already chewed into your PEX tubing, you’ll need to repair the damage. You can do this by cutting out the damaged section and replacing it with new PEX tubing. If you replace the entire section of tubing, make sure that you use a thicker grade of tubing, such as Grade 80 PEX tubing. Grade 80 is thicker than normal PEX and is better at resisting rodent damage. If you can’t replace the whole section of tubing, you can try to repair the damage. First, make sure that the section you’re repairing doesn’t have any rodents inside of it. You don’t want to trap the mouse inside, only to let it loose inside another section of tubing. Next, clean out the inside of the tubing. Use a wire brush and some water to scrub the inside of the damaged section of tubing. Once that’s clean, use a special PEX patching compound to seal the damage and make sure rodents can’t get inside again.

Use Pex Pipe Coating

If you want to protect your PEX tubing from rodents for good, you can use PEX pipe coating to prevent rodents from being able to chew through it in the first place. This is a great option if you have new PEX tubing inside your home and want to keep mice away. You can apply the coating to the outside of your PEX tubing. This will help keep rodents away because they won’t be able to get a taste of it. Note: If you’re looking to coat the inside of your tubing, you’ll want to go with PEX pipe coating. This is the same product but is applied inside the tubing so that it won’t show. You can also use PEX pipe coating to repair damaged PEX tubing. If you have some damaged sections of PEX, you can coat the outside of the damaged section with coating and then grind the coating down to make it smooth. This will prevent further damage and will also make it harder for rodents to get inside the damaged section again.

Install Metal Edging

Another way to protect your PEX tubing from rodents is to install metal edging. This will help you to prevent mice from being able to chew through your piping system because they won’t be able to get inside the piping in the first place. You can use metal edging for new construction and for repairs. If you have some damaged piping, you can install metal edging to protect the rest of the system. Note: Metal edging can be difficult to get a good clean and can trap debris inside of your pipes so it’s best used in conjunction with other protection methods. Metal edging can be purchased in a variety of sizes. For inside diameter piping, you’ll want to use an edging that is around 3/16 of an inch thick. For outside diameter piping, you’ll want an edging that is around 1/2 an inch thick. You can purchase edging at your local hardware store.


Mice are destructive creatures. They will chew through pretty much anything to get inside and find something to eat. That includes plastic piping, like PEX tubing. To protect your PEX tubing from mice, the first thing you’ll want to do is find the entry point. Once you find the entry point, you can repair or replace the tubing to keep the mice out for good. You can also use PEX pipe coating or metal edging to protect the tubing from rodents for good. If you want to keep mice out of your home and away from your PEX tubing for good, take these steps to protect your piping system.

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