How To Reply To Wie Gehts

In German, “wie gehts?” is a polite way of asking how someone is doing. The typical response is “danke, gut. Und dir?” which means “thank you, I’m doing well. And you?”

How To Reply To Wie Gehts

The phrase “wie gehts?” is German for “how are you?” and is a common way to greet someone in Germany. There are many ways to reply to this question, but some of the most common are “danke, gut” which means “thank you, good” or “es geht mir gut, danke” which means “I’m doing well, thank you.”

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  • Good, thanks. and you?
  • How are you?

There are a few things to keep in mind when replying to “Wie gehts?” First, take a moment to assess the person’s state. If they appear to be in a hurry or seem like they don’t want to chat, it might be better to just say “danke, gut” and move on. If you have time, you can ask how the other person is doing. This opens up the possibility for a longer conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wie Gehts Formal?

As a general rule, Wie Gehts is used informally in German. However, it can also be used in a more formal setting, depending on the context.

What Is Wie Gehts?

Wie Gehts is a German phrase that translates to “How are you?”

What Is Wie Gehts Short For?

Wie Gehts is a German phrase that means “How are you?”

In Closing

In order to reply to “wie gehts,” one can say “danke, gut” or “es geht mir gut.” These are both polite replies that show that the person is doing well.

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