How To Reset Adblue Warning VW Crafter?

You’re driving your new VW Crafter and you notice a warning light on the dashboard with the word ‘Adblue’ flashing. What does this mean? Have you broken it already? Is it something serious? There are so many questions in your mind and you don’t know where to start searching for answers.

This article explains everything about the AdBlue system in detail and how to reset AdBlue warning light on VW Crafter.

What is AdBlue and what does it do?

AdBlue is a fluid used in the Diesel Exhaust Fluid system (DEF). When Diesel is burned in an engine, harmful carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide gases are created. The DEF system captures these harmful gases before they are emitted into the atmosphere by the exhaust.

The DEF is stored in a tank and then added to the fuel tank when trucks pass a fueling station ‘on the fly’. The DEF is then mixed with the fuel and burned in the engine to convert harmful gases into harmless CO2 and water. This process is called ‘SCR’ which stands for ‘Selective Catalytic Reduction’.

Why did my VW Crafter’s AdBlue light start flashing?

There are many reasons why the AdBlue warning light on your Crafter starts flashing. The most common reason is that the AdBlue level is low and needs to be refilled. If the AdBlue level is very low, the light may start flashing when you start the engine. The light may also flash if the fuel tank isn’t empty. The light will flash to remind you to refuel the tank. If none of those reasons apply to your Crafter, then you might have a serious problem. You should stop driving the truck immediately and take it to the repair shop. You might want to call your insurance company as well.

How To Reset AdBlue Light On VW Crafter?

If the AdBlue level is low, you can easily refill it. You don’t have to take the Crafter to a service center or VW dealer. You can do it yourself at home. Here’s what you should do:

  • First, you need to find the AdBlue tank in the truck. It’s usually located at the bottom of the rear axle on the passenger side.
  • Take the cap from the tank and put it in a safe place.
  • Next, add AdBlue fluid to the tank. Use the correct measurement as per the directions written on the tank. Make sure you use the same type of fluid as your Crafter’s system requires.

Is my Volkswagen equipped with an AdBlue system?

If your VW Crafter’s model year is between 2017 and 2020, then it is equipped with an AdBlue SCR system. This system has a tank that stores the AdBlue fluid. Here’s what you should do if your light starts flashing: If you notice the light flashing on a new VW Crafter, don’t worry. It just means that the system is being activated for the first time. If the light starts flashing on a VW Crafter that you’ve owned for a while, don’t panic. Remember, the light will flash when the fuel tank is not completely empty.

Can I drive without the AdBlue system?

No, you can’t drive without the AdBlue system. The system is important for reducing emissions and keeping the environment clean. If the system isn’t functioning, you may have to pay high fines for polluting the environment. You might even land in jail if the authorities find out you’re driving without the AdBlue system. If you don’t want to install the system on your Crafter, then you can use a different type of fuel. However, Diesel is cheaper and the AdBlue system is worth the investment.


The AdBlue system is an important part of a modern Diesel engine. The system captures harmful gases and converts them into harmless gases. If your VW Crafter’s AdBlue system is working properly, you’ll see a blue fluid in the tank. The AdBlue light on the dashboard will be off when the system is working fine. If the light starts flashing, it means that the AdBlue fluid level is low. You can easily refill the fluid at home. If your Crafter is not equipped with an AdBlue system, then you have to use a different type of fuel.

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