How To Say Backpack In Spanish

There really is no one “correct” way to say backpack in Spanish. It will depend on the region and the individual speaker’s dialect. However, some of the more common ways to say backpack are mochila, bolsa de viaje, and equipaje.

How To Say Backpack In Spanish

In Spanish, a backpack is a mochila.

Backpack – mochila To say backpack in Spanish, you would say “mochila”.

  • Say “mochila”
  • Add “de viaje” for “backpack for travel”

There are a few ways to say “backpack” in Spanish. One way is “mochila.” Another way is “maleta.” And yet another way is “saco de viaje.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Your Welcome In Mexico?

In Mexico, a common saying to greet someone is “bienvenidos,” which means “welcome.” This is often accompanied by a hug, handshake, or both.

How Do You Say Backpack In Mexico?

The word for backpack in Mexico is “mochila.”

How Do Puerto Ricans Say Backpack In Spanish?

The word for backpack in Spanish is “mochila”.


A backpack (mochila) in Spanish is pronounced “moh-chee-lah.”

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