How To Say Bear In Other Languages

There are many ways to say “bear” in other languages. Below are a few translations of the word “bear” from English to other languages. German: Bär Spanish: Oso French: ours Italian: orso

How To Say Bear In Other Languages

In Spanish, the word for bear is “oso.” In French, it’s “ours.” In Dutch, it’s “beer.” And in Italian, it’s “orso.”

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  • Bulgarian: медвед (medved) czech: medvěd (medvěd) danish: bjørn (bjørn) dutch: beer

on Spanish: El oso en español se dice “oso”. German: Der Bär auf Deutsch heißt “Bär”.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Tibetan Word For Bear?

The Tibetan word for bear is གངས་, gang.

How Do You Say Little Bear In Different Languages?

In French, the word for little bear is Petit ours. In Spanish, it is Oso Pequeño.

What Is The Chinese Bear That Is Black And White?

The Chinese bear that is black and white is known as the panda.

In Summary

There are many different ways to say “bear” in other languages. Some translations include ursus (Latin), медведь (Russian), and urso (Portuguese). Each language has its own unique way of pronouncing the word, as well as specific words that are used to describe certain types of bears. For example, Spanish uses oso while French uses ours. Learning how to say bear in other languages can be a fun and interesting way to explore new cultures.

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