How To Say Beautiful In Brazilian

In Brazilian, you would say “Belíssimo!”

How To Say Beautiful In Brazilian

There is no one definitive answer to this question. In Brazilian Portuguese, there are a few expressions that can be used to describe someone as being beautiful. Some of these expressions include linda, bonita, and maravilhosa.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the language you need to say “beautiful” in Brazilian Portuguese will vary depending on the region. However, some essential tools and materials you may need include a good Brazilian Portuguese dictionary, a grammar guide, and audio recordings of native speakers. Additionally, it can be helpful to have access to online resources such as language forums and online lessons.

  • Spell out “beautiful”
  • Use the word “bonita”
  • Say that the person is beautiful

Some words and expressions that may be useful when complimenting someone’s beauty in Brazilian Portuguese include: – você é linda/bonita (you are pretty) – que beleza (what a beauty) – incrível (incredible)

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Word Beautiful In Brazil?

The word “beautiful” in Brazil is often associated with people who are considered to be attractive, as well as things that are considered to be aesthetically pleasing.

How Do You Say You Look Good In Brazil?

In Brazil, saying “você está bonito” is the equivalent of saying “you look good” in English.

How Do You Say Cutie In Brazil?

In Brazilian Portuguese, you say “cutie” as “querido/a.”


portuguese In Brazilian Portuguese, “beautiful” is bella or bonita.

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