How To Say Cheers In Portuguese

There is no one definitive way to say “cheers” in Portuguese. Some people say “bom apetite” (literally, “good appetite”), others say “saúde” (literally, “health”). Many people also say “um abraço” (literally, “one hug”), which can be used as a general toast or as a way of saying goodbye.

How To Say Cheers In Portuguese

In Portuguese, there are a few different ways to say cheers. You can say “um brinde” (one toast), “uma saudação” (a salute), or “uma boa bebida” (a good drink).

To say “cheers” in Portuguese, you would say “Saúde!”

  • Say “saúde” to someone you are drinking with
  • This is a general toast and means “to your health.”

There are a few different ways to say “cheers” in Portuguese, depending on the context. “Boa sorte” is a general toast that can be used in any situation, while “Saúde” is typically used when drinking alcohol. “Desculpe” is used when someone has to leave a drink unfinished, and “Parabéns” is a celebratory toast.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Toast In Portugal?

The best way to toast in Portugal is to say “Saúde” before taking a drink.

How Do You Say Cheers In Lisbon?

There are multiple ways to say cheers in Lisbon, but the most common is “Saúde!”

How Do You Toast In Brazilian Portuguese?

The way to say “toast” in Brazilian Portuguese is “pão de queijo”.

Taking Everything Into Account

“Ei, amigos!” é um modo de dizer “bom apetite” em português. Você pode também dizer “Saúde!” para desejar saúde aos outros. Outra tradução possível é “Salud!”

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