How To Say Cup In Spanish

In Spanish, “cup” can be translated as “taza”. This word is used to describe a drinking vessel that is not very large.

How To Say Cup In Spanish

In Spanish, the word for “cup” is “taza”.

To say “cup” in Spanish, you would say “una taza”.

  • Ask for a cup of coffee by saying “un café, por favor.”
  • Say “un vaso de agua, por favor.”

1. How do you say “cup” in Spanish? You say “cup” in Spanish by saying “cuchara” or “vaso”.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Como Spanish To English?

Como is the Spanish word for “like” or “as.” In English, it can be used to compare things (e.g., “Como Juan es alto, Pedro debe ser bastante alto también.”), to make suggestions (“Si quieres, podemos ir a comer como a las siete”), or to ask for clarification (“Como se dice ‘hello’ en Español?”).

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¿Cómo In Spanish Mean?

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In The End

In Spanish, “cup” is either “taza” or “copa”.

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